Car Credit Kingston – Tips for Entrepreneurs Applying for Car Loans

The trauma of separation and divorce is difficult enough without the added stress of losing your car. When your ex-spouse takes your means of transportation, or a nasty settlement leaves you with a vehicle you can no longer afford, our Car Credit Kingston loan advisers have the simple solution to your automotive problems with our separated or divorced auto loan program.

At Car Credit Kingston, we guide our newly divorced and separated customers through the process of refinancing or finding a loan that suits your needs and your budget.

Are you falling behind on your car loan payments because your new financial arrangement leaves you short?

Do you have limited credit because your previous loans were under your ex-partner’s name?

Is your name still on your ex-partner’s debt, meaning your total monthly payments are lower than what shows on your credit report?

Do you lack the deposit required to secure a loan?

Check the status of your credit report

When a marriage or relationship comes to an end, it’s important to check on the status of your personal credit report. You may be implicated in a situation that should be legally attributed to your ex-spouse. When you book a review with our Car Credit Kingston loan advisers, we have easy access to the Canadian credit reporting bureaus and can request a report on your behalf.

As professionals in the industry, our Car Credit Kingston loans advisers will review your credit report with you. We can help identify if any items shouldn’t be listed, and contact the appropriate reporting authorities to clear your name.

If your credit score is over 650, our advisers will approve your car loan on the same day. If not, we will help you to collect the relevant material before resubmitting your credit application to the relevant lenders.

Most importantly, our Car Credit Kingston loans advisers will develop a tailored solution for guaranteed car loan approval for our customers experiencing a divorce or separation.

We’ll guide you through the loan pre-approval process

There are a few things you may need to do before you submit your loan application for approval. Our Car Credit Kingston loans advisor will guide you through the process to ensure you receive approval at the lowest possible interest rate.

We’ll help you to:

  • Find out the balance of your current car loan
  • Consider corrections to be made to your credit report
  • Tell you how to remove your name for your ex-partner’s loans
  • Make special arrangements with current creditors to catch up on overdue payments
  • Find a trusted co-signor for your new car loan
  • Come up with a plan to raise a down payment for your loan

We’re here to help you secure a car loan and get on with your life

This may be the first time you’ve ever bought a car on your own. Or perhaps you’re readjusting to a tighter budget than you’re used to.

If interest rates bring you out in a sweat, consider Car Credit Kingston your automotive partner to find the right car to suit your needs, your budget and the requirements of the finance company.

Our loan advisers are here to help. And we’ll build a strong case before submitting your application with the finance company for final approval.

No obligation! Book a review with an auto loan adviser today

At Car Credit Kingston, we believe divorce and separation are traumatic enough without losing the freedom of your car.

Book here for your obligation free car financing appointment, and an auto loan adviser at Car Credit Kingston will review your credit report, discuss your budget and help you find a car loan to get you back on the road towards a brand new start.