Entrepreneur Car Financing Program For Self-Employed Auto Loans

Entrepreneur Car Financing Program

Canada’s employment model is rapidly shifting towards a dynamic movement of self-employment, as a significant percentage of entrepreneurs turn their back on a 9 to 5 career to take control of their destiny.

In the past, securing any loan was a substantial challenge for the self-employed, forcing entrepreneurs to jump through flaming hoops to prove their financial stability. Fortunately, traditional banks and lending institutions now recognize this growing trend as an opportunity to provide self-employment interest loans with very low rates.

At Car Credit Kingston, our savvy loan advisers have devised a foolproof Entrepreneur Car Financing Program to simplify the process of securing a self-employed auto loan even more.

The Key Features Of The Entrepreneur Car Financing Program:

Works For All Credit Situations

If you’re self-employed, most banks will consider your loan application only if you have a reasonable credit rating. At Car Credit Kingston, our Entrepreneur Car Financing Program takes many other aspects into consideration in the process of approving your self-employment auto loan application. So if your credit rating leaves a little to be desired, you’ll still a chance.

Just Launched Your New Business?

A bank will consider the amount of time since you launched your business to determine whether your income is adequate to cover car repayments, generally requesting at least two years of financial details. This makes it difficult for many new entrepreneurs to qualify for a self-employed auto loan. When you set up a no obligation review with a Car Credit Kingston auto loans adviser, we’ll develop a solution and discuss better options to help secure your loan.

Your Net Income Is Low After Claiming High Expenses On Your Taxes

One of the biggest roadblocks in qualifying for a traditional self-employment car loan is that your net income appears low after claiming extensive business expenses at tax time. Car Credit Kingston connects with key lenders who understand your situation. Our auto loans adviser will show you the way.

Your Personally Took On More Debt For The Business

You’ve thrown all your money into start-up costs and your credit cards are maxed? If this is the case, your Total Debt To Service Ratio TDSR looks fairly serious and you’re beyond the comfort level of most banks.

Never fear. Book your appointment online with a Car Credit Kingston adviser and we’ll come up with a plan to secure your self-employment auto loan. even when the traditional bank advisers have run the other way.

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At Car Credit Kingston, we applaud your entrepreneurship as you contribute to the growth of Canada’s economy! Let our auto loan advisers return the favor by guiding your through the approval process of a self-employed auto loan.
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